Services and Solutions


  • Forecasting demand, generation, prices
  • Optimisation of flexibilities, demand, and generation
  • Business Processes Asset Optimisation Trading
  • Portfolio management and diversification strategy
  • Demand response
  • Energy business strategy
  • Energy and IT, current data models und data analysis
  • Check of energy business plans, investors, organisations
  • Governmental regulations and policies
  • Public programs, process development, portfolio management
  • US based business development
  • International tender review
  • Process optimisation and analysis
  • Organisational development


  • Bidding strategy in the power markets in general, exchanges and ancillary service markets
  • Integrated optimisation and planning
  • Demand Response
  • International power markets
  • Blockchain in energy
  • Artificial Intelligence in energy
  • Basics of energy business
  • US Energy System

Project management

Interim Management

Business Coaching

Product Development